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Green Star for Yowani


About Yowani

The Yowani Country Club occupies a prime site at the intersection of Canberra's main entry axes – Northbourne Avenue, the Barton Highway and the Federal Highway. The Club has entered an agreement with TP Dynamics to progress the redevelopment of approximately 9 hectares of the Club's non-golf course land.

Yowani presents a new mixed-use precinct and club house within the park setting of the existing golf course. The design follows a gradual shift in scale, starting with a series of low-rise terraces and townhouses overlooking Sullivan’s Creek. Moving towards Northbourne Avenue, density increases with a core commercial zone including retail, cafés and landscaped public spaces. Finally, residential apartments line Northbourne Avenue to reflect the vision of the National Capital Plan.

TP Dynamic’s vision

Creating sustainable built environments is becoming more important than ever, as the number of Australians choosing to live in cities increases. With our proposed major development at the Yowani Country Club, TP Dynamics aims to deliver a liveable, prosperous and sustainable precinct that fosters community engagement and participation. Achieving a Green Star – Communities rating from the Green Building Council of Australia is part of the precinct-wide approach to sustainability for the Yowani development. For TP Dynamics, sustainability is not a single idea. It’s about investing in conservation and the community to create opportunities for education, employment and innovation. This is achieved through a combination of initiatives throughout planning, design and construction. The size, location and long development timeframe of the Yowani project provide a great opportunity to trial various technologies and initiatives.

For me, as a property developer, implementing technology, energy and sustainability are the three most important elements.

Tony Pan, Founder, TP Dynamics

More about Green Star – Communities

Green Star is an internationally recognised sustainability rating system for the built environment. From individual buildings to neighbourhoods, precincts and entire communities, Green Star is transforming the way our built environment is designed, constructed, and operated. A Green Star certification provides independent assurance that high standards across a range of sustainability categories have been met.

Green Star-certified projects can:

  • increase asset value
  • use 66% less electricity than average Australian buildings
  • use 51% less potable water than the average Australian building built to meet minimum industry requirements
  • produce 55% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than average Australian buildings
  • improve the health and wellbeing of occupants
  • reduce risk and ‘future proof’ investments.