It takes time to build a legacy, and TP Dynamics is committed to taking Canberra to the next level over the coming decades. We are a growing city – the largest and fastest growing inland city in Australia, in fact.

From projects that revitalise existing communities and precincts to building new urban villages for the next generation, TP Dynamics strives to make a meaningful contribution to life in our evolving bush capital.



Creating a world-class capital city through vibrant urban spaces that embody our commitment to smart and sustainable buildings, for the benefit of all Canberrans


We are dedicated to showcasing and enhancing Canberra’s dynamic nature, and will continue to drive residential and commercial projects that deliver the highest quality of living for our growing community and evolving lifestyles.

We seek out innovation – in construction, technology and our people – to produce smart, resilient and sustainable buildings and urban villages that serve Canberra’s population and contribute to making this a world-class capital city.


guiding principles

TP Dynamics was founded to bring a fresh approach to development to the Canberra community. The carpentry expression ‘measure twice, cut once’ represents the philosophy we follow as a company. We have built a diverse and inclusive team, selected for their expertise and ability to work together to produce results. Our processes are customer-focused, ensuring an aesthetic and functionality that serve the end user. Finally, the health and safety of our people is paramount to our success.


Embedded in everything we do is a respect for the opinions and ideas of others, as well as for the rich history of the nation’s capital. A spirit of collaboration keeps us connected to each other and to the local community. We value integrity – in our teams and in the designs we bring to life. Innovation in technology and sustainable building practices ensure that we stay forward-thinking, focused on the pursuit of excellence.